Curious about a career in instructional design?

Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve created a free 12-lesson eCourse for people who want to find out how to become an instructional designer and what instructional designers do. Breaking Into Instructional Design explains one of the most fulfilling and smartest careers of the 21st century (yes, I’m biased).

As an instructional design consultant and publisher of The eLearning Coach website and podcast, I get lots of questions about careers in instructional design, learning experience design, eLearning and instructional technology. This free email course answers all of those questions.

Who are these lessons for?

People from many different jobs think about switching to a career in instructional design. These lessons were written for:

  • Teachers who are ready to leave the classroom and want to start a second career in instructional design
  • Employees who were told they need to start developing eLearning because they are good at PowerPoint
  • Subject Matter Experts who became trainers but don’t feel confident in their course design skills
  • Writers who discovered that they can find consistent work in instructional design
  • Technical writers who want to branch out into something more interesting than writing manuals
  • Multimedia specialists who want to work with authoring tools and media to develop eLearning
  • New college graduates with a degree in the field who aren’t sure how to get that first job
  • Anyone who wants to find out how to become an instructional designer

What’s Inside

  • Learn about the varied work instructional designers do.
  • Find out how the field is changing.
  • See the competencies required for an instructional design career.
  • Get the scoop on whether you need a degree.
  • Discover the best places to network and find jobs.
  • Jump ahead of your competition with this suggested reading list.
  • Start working on an eLearning portfolio to develop your skills.

Ready to get started?

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